Redaco System Factory

[L]OGICS Latest

Always employs the latest state-of-the-art methodology in every activity

Recent, State-of-the-art, Latest.

L[O]GICS Optimized

Constantly optimizing for every outcome

Advanced, Contemporary, Optimized.

LO[G]ICS Genuine

Oppose plagiarism, all creations must 100% made by Redaco

Real, Natural, Genuine.

LOG[I]CS Iconic

Every work must serve as an icon to all stakeholders

Unique, Authentic, Iconic.

LOGI[C]S Consistent

Upholds of the highest quality for every product

Strong, Tough, Consistent.

LOGIC[S] Standardized

Obediently follows international agreed standard procedures in every work process

Measured, Regulated, Standardized.


The place where LOGICS principles are being used to manufacture products that will make all stakeholders proud.