be proud.

[L]OGICS Latest

Always employs the latest state-of-the-art methodology in every activity

Recent, State-of-the-art, Latest.

L[O]GICS Optimized

Constantly optimizing for every outcome

Advanced, Contemporary, Optimized.

LO[G]ICS Genuine

Oppose plagiarism, all creations must 100% made by Redaco

Real, Natural, Genuine.

LOG[I]CS Iconic

Every work must serve as an icon to all stakeholders

Unique, Authentic, Iconic.

LOGI[C]S Consistent

Upholds of the highest quality for every product

Strong, Tough, Consistent.

LOGIC[S] Standardized

Obediently follows international agreed standard procedures in every work process

Measured, Regulated, Standardized.